0.11 (2017-10-25)

  • Added manpage

  • Added Kurdish, Portuguese, Serbian, Sorani translations

  • Fixed text in config dialog. Thanks to A. Richard Miller.

  • Added Simple Menu

  • Added keyboard activation. Thanks to Todd Eigenschink (LP: #1656612)

  • Fixes for flake8 errors and warnings. Thanks to Anari Jalakas

0.10 (2016-03-17)

  • Ported to Python3, PyGObject and GTK3

  • Added configuration dialog

  • Added Basque, Finnish, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Romanian, Scots, Ukrainian, Uzbek translations

  • Lots of bug fixes

0.09-1 (2014-09-25)

  • added ‘python-xdg’ as a dependency (LP: #1363891) Thanks to Graham Inggs

  • replaced build-deb ‘python-all’ with ‘python’

0.09 (2014-03-07)

  • Use desktop-specific menu if available (uses $XDG_MENU_PREFIX). This fixes the menu on e.g. Xubuntu (bug 1228053)

  • Fixed text for icons in ClassicMenu Indicator submenu (bug #1220961)

  • Added some menu items to change configuration

  • Added Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Galician, Greek, Norwegian Bokmal, Spanish, Swedish, Telugu, Turkish translations

0.08 (2013-08-24)

  • ClassicMenu Indicator has its own icon now

  • added support for some configuration options

  • improved handling of missing/unusable icons

  • extended “ClassicMenu Indicator” submenu

  • added Estonian, French, Croatian, Japanese, Malay, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Chinese (Simplified) language support

  • changed the way commands are run

0.07 (2012-01-07)

  • Fixed bug in handling of missing/unusable icons

  • Added own menu if doesn’t exist

0.06 (2011-10-14)

  • Fixed a bug that under some circumstances could lead to an infinite loop after updating the menu file

0.05 (2011-10-11)

  • Fixed bug with icon size when used in environment other than Unity

0.04 (2011-07-03)

  • Bugfix: Don’t require restart after menu updates

0.03 (2011-06-15)

  • Always show icons

  • Added “Settings” and “System Administration” menus

  • Using mono style icon

  • Added --help and --version command line options

0.02 (2011-06-04)

Bugfix: Don’t wait for a started program to finish before start the next one

0.01 (2011-06-02)

Initial release